April Newsletter

BQCC Newsletter

The 2015 golf season is just around the corner.

In about seven weeks we’ll be fighting our way out of sand traps instead of snowdrifts, and as hard as it is to believe right now, winter will be just a frigid memory.

We’re looking forward to welcoming returning members, and also those who have newly joined, to BQCC. We are continuing to grow our membership and our goal this year is to exceed 600.

And as a member, you can benefit financially – and help us reach that number – by using our recruitment package. It’s easy. When you bring in a new member for 2015, you will receive a rebate of 50% on the lower of the two memberships.

For example:

If you hold a Traditional Single Membership ($1,995) and you recruit a new Traditional Single Member ($1,995), you will receive $997 off your 2015 membership.

If you hold a Traditional Single Membership ($1995) and you recruit a new Platinum Single Member ($1,295), you will receive $647 off your 2015 membership.

This program is limited to one rebate per member and will run until April 30th, 2015. You can also bring back former BQCC members as “new” recruits so long as they have not held membership with us since 2010.

If you have not yet purchased your 2015 membership package, please note that the rates announced last August, and posted on our website, are valid until April 1. To handle your business, the office will be open Monday to Friday from 9:30 – 4:30 as of March 9. Any questions can be directed to Marc or Brandon.

We’re committed to making BQCC more of a member-oriented club and to enhancing members’ golfing experience.

To those ends, we’re hiring key staff to improve member services, and this year we will host only one outside tournament. That will provide more days of course availability for our members (dates for internal tournaments will be posted by the end of March).

Also, in keeping with the enhanced golfing experience, staff will be on the course early in the mornings with our new equipment, thereby minimizing disturbances to members’ rounds.

You may have noticed that the frame for the new clubhouse is up on the north side of Highway 2. The final building permit will be issued in early May allowing us to complete work on the interior. We’ll be using the new clubhouse with its full kitchen, outdoor patio, and washrooms before the end of the season.

The change rooms and parking lot on the south side of the highway will be available until then. But, because development work will be starting this spring on the land on the south side, there will be no restaurant-bar service at the existing clubhouse.

Course routing will remain the same until we’re in the new clubhouse. Once it’s up and running, the current Number 3 hole will become Number 1 and the current 17 will become 18 finishing at the new clubhouse.

We’ll see you in a few weeks. In the meantime – stay warm.


Roger Lichty

Bay of Quinte Golf and Country Club