“Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect.” - Arnold Palmer

There are many things to gain from lessons—some important ones can be: golf swing fundamentals, also understanding the reasons for the results produced in a golf shot, and what determines ball flight. Helpful instruction in becoming aware of correct set-up and swing mechanics should enable the student to progress with their overall golf game.

Consistent practice sessions are essential to the improvement of any golfer. However, players need to have a full understanding of what they are trying to achieve and how to practice. Golf Professionals teach both standard and advanced shot techniques. 

Standard lessons include driving, playing from the fairway, pitching, bunker play, chipping and putting. Advanced instruction includes more advanced techniques including, shot shaping, launch angles, ball spin, uneven lies and trouble shots such as playing from behind, over or around objects. PLAY AWAY.

Lesson Packages:
1 Half Hour - $40.00
1 Hour - $75.00
Series of 4 - $225.00
9 Hole Playing Lessons - $120.00 (includes Green Fee and Cart)
Junior Golf Camp – July 9th -13th - 9am-1pm $200.00 taxes in (ages 8-16)

We also offer Clinics for the following:
1) Spring Tune Up – designed to get you ready for a better golf season than last year
2) Intro To Golf For Beginners – fundamentals of the golf swing, setup techniques to hit the ball
3) Schools Out! Junior Golf Camp – designed to expose children to golf in a structured environment
4) Ladies Night – focuses on the fundamentals of the golf swing, short-game, basic rules and etiquette
5) Parents & Junior Golf School – Parent and child learn to play the game together
6) Scoring School – Intermediate level instruction, to change the way you think your way around the course
7) Senior Tune-Up Day – distance, solid contact, consistency, it's about improving your overall game
8) Short Game School – Chipping, Pitching & Putting

To schedule lessons, or to learn more about the clinics please contact:
Brandon McLean
Director of Golf – Head Professional 
613-968-7404 ext. 2 
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The average person playing any sport whether it is a low impact sport like golf or something with more impact on the body will feel frustration as they go through a learning curve. That learning curve is dependent on the frequency of play and the length of time devoted to the overall play and also with the individual components of the game. This takes time, patience and virtually a lifetime at building on each game, each practice time, each training session, lesson and/or coaching. This sport like most others is a PURSUIT OF SELF DEVELOPMENT. That is the bigger game.